“REFLECTIONS” a recital with gayageum, saenghwang and cello

J.S. Bach : Aria from cantata “Wo soll ich fliehen hin” (viola, saenghwang, gayageum, violoncello ) – Arr: J. Gandard
J.S. Bach : Chaconne BWV 1004 (solo viola)
Johann Schop : Lachrimae Pavaen (Viola, Gayageum) – Arr: E. Richard/이화영
Benjamin Britten : Lachrymae (Viola, Saenghwang, Gayageum) – Arr: E. Richard/이화영 / 김효영
Bela Bartok : Duets – Arr: E. Richard/ 김효영
Gyorgy Ligeti : Chaconne chromatique for solo viola
J.P.Rameau : suite for viola and violoncello – Arr: E. Richard
J.P.Rameau: Fantaisie for viola, saenghwang, gayageum, and violoncello – Arr: E. Richard


Since february 2016 i am writing a column in the korean magazine ” Eumak Journal“.

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