New video: Stravinsky’s Firebird

Igor Stravinsky died 50 years ago, his music has always been very important in my life since my first encounter with le Sacre du printemps when i was about 12. I listened to it every day at that time, in the version of Boulez with the Cleveland Orchestra. A few years later I had the tremendous joy to play it with him, and I can still feel the intensity we all shared on stage at that time.

I had the  idea of an arrangement of The Firebird, with a saenghwang (a korean mouth organ) personifying the bird with its extravagance, joined by a viola, a cello and a piano. 

Here is a caption of our performance of the work in Seoul Arts Center on the 14th of may 2021.

Lutoslawski String quartet

One more concert-turned-video-recording, Lutoslawski String quartet from 1964, a magnificent piece using aleatoricism (chance plays a big role in the rendition of the work) in a very clever way.

Composing this piece, Lutoslawski was inspired by Alexander Calder and his mobiles, where the different elements are moving in an always changing and imprevisible manner.

I feel the same grace in this piece and in the works of Calder that I had the chance to watch and feel.  This quartet has an obsessive beauty, with harsh elements transfigured into ecstatic moments.

A Hwaum Chamber Orchestra Project, with

Jiyoon Kim and Jiwon Song, violins

Helen Lee, cello

Corona Times

Many concerts have been cancelled since march 2020, some of them took place without audience or were turned into video recordings…you can find here some of these experiences!

‘Rencontres’ by Dongjin Bae

Brahms Quintet with the Ensemble unissons

what do you really need? by Seongmin Ji